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Essays on Creationism Andrew Greszczyszyn

Essays on Creationism

Andrew Greszczyszyn

Published September 17th 2010
ISBN : 9781926582771
120 pages
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 About the Book 

Essays on Creationism is a powerful book which examines the key topics on Evolution versus Creation. More than a religious examination, this book takes concepts of spirituality, theology, science, life, divinity and experience to fully examine and discuss the nature of man and cosmos true origin. Topics include: -Evolution-DNA, Genetics and Conscious Control-Why Religion?-Image of God-Miracles-And much, much moreA book powerful enough to be used in churches, temples, mosques, ashrams, or seminars yet easy enough to read and strong enough detailed that discussions will benefit atheists, scientists, or even those who have rationalized genesis or their own creation. While greater list of topics could have been included this short power-packed book is punched with the most important details to understanding the origin of man and cosmos. Not based in any religion the ideas and discussions are supported by science and rational thought.