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Warriors Hunger (Amber Woods Shifters Book 3) Arabella Rose

Warriors Hunger (Amber Woods Shifters Book 3)

Arabella Rose

Published February 13th 2015
Kindle Edition
139 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Each time Luke became one step closer to claiming his beloved Anna something quite literally got in the way. For hells sake he was a warrior trained to the highest standard and could take on any challenge thrown at him. But Anna? it was one step forward two steps back. But that would change. Soon. School term was over which meant she was free for many weeks, plenty of time to get her into his bed and claim her, this time there was no escape. His little redheaded teacher may be prim and proper in the classroom but when she entered his classroom and his bed, the rules would change.Yeah school was over now, or so Anna thought. She had seen how her warrior had been looking at her or how his touch ignited a burning fire within her. He was getting closer and closer and he was not the only one. Someone else was, and their intentions were a far cry away from the hungry desire of the warrior. They hungered blood, not just any blood, hers. Could she fight her demons and keep the over protective and dominant warrior safe from her messed up world? Time would tell and by the sounds of it time was running out.Adult reading: for audiences of over 18 years of age. Contains sexually explicit words and scenes. (so if you enjoy reading about over protective alpha males and their voracious appetite and lustful thoughts whilst being loving and dominant then go ahead and read! )